Assemblage (n.): a gathering; odds and ends arranged in artistic expression.

I grew up in the Ramapo Mountains of Sloatsburg and Tuxedo, New York, and was somewhat of a “wild child” inventing all sorts of outdoor adventures with playmates. But while others were able to spot wildlife off in the distance, poor eyesight limited my view to noticing things up close: the colors, textures and shapes of mosses and ferns in the woods, a moth in the lamplight, a jawbone from a deer, an unusual stone underfoot. I was the one who crouched down to study something more closely, frequently pocketing it for later inspection.

The ‘odds and ends’ in the artwork you see here come from a life-long collection of botanicals, bugs and bones that I’ve come across in gardens, along roadsides, in fields and forests (and from friends who humor me!).

“Nature is full of genius, full of the divinity” (Henry David Thoreau, January 5, 1856)

The careless perfection, the genius and seeming divinity of natural things has continued to inspire me, and these collages, or assemblages, are my ongoing attempts to do them justice.