About the artist: I live on a small lake at the top of a ridge in upstate New York with my husband where we can typically be found outdoors moving rocks, stacking wood, digging new gardens and looking for new plants to grow that like shade and a moist environment. We live in a house where the outdoors and indoors are not easily distinguished and which I encourage at every opportunity.

When I am not outdoors collecting, or in my studio assembling, I am a semiretired, Emmy-Award winning children’s educational media producer for PBS Kids. Projects I have worked on include The Magic School Bus and Cyberchase. My current project is Nature Cat, an all-new series that premiered January ’16. Nature Cat is an action adventure cartoon series designed to motivate children ages 3 to 7 to abandon their electronics and—you guessed it—go outside and explore the natural world.

About the artwork: I seldom ‘touch up’ or color the items that go into my pieces—I use them pretty much as found. I do sometimes use a protective finish on the more fragile botanicals that are at risk of breaking. Some of the botanicals I use will change their original color with time, but the composition still features their natural perfection and position in the piece as a whole.

The ‘bugs’ I use, as with the bones, self-preserve. I don’t kill them—they‘ve died a natural death and their exoskeletons keep them intact.

I like to experiment with different media to create background effects that give a sense of place, or sound, or time of year. These include pastels, watercolors, hand-made papers, fabrics and yarn.